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A.S. Contrera, a Michigan Heating and Cooling company, specializes in HVAC and sheet metal fabrication for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional customers. With a state of the art custom sheet metal fabrication shop, we are one of the top players in customized sheet metal fabrication and installation; it enables us to build modern, efficient and long lasting HVAC systems for industrial and commercial buildings, to any size or specification. Our long list of commercial customers include businesses like Chrysler/Jeep Dealers, ABC Warehouse, ACO Hardware, Greenfield Towers and many more.

From Anthony Contrera, owner of A.S. Contrera | Mr. Furnace

“Many of our highly skilled trades people have been with us for decades. We pride ourselves on teamwork, and focus our efforts on your total satisfaction. My personal, onsite management is a guarantee. Our Projects are quoted accurately. The work is completed on time, without cost overruns or hidden extras. That is fairness. That is what you deserve and what we deliver.

“You may find lower prices. You may find a myriad of promises. However, when the dust settles, you won’t find a better return on your investment.”

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