Rooftop Units

Custom Design & Installation of Roof Top HVAC Unit – Michigan

Roof Top Units are a convenient and way to provide fresh air supply along with heating and cooling for large buildings. Whether it’s a new building, or an old one that needs some improvement of the heating and cooling systems, roof top units provide performance while saving space and costs. As the name implies, roof top units (RTU), also known as packaged units (PU), are designed to be installed outdoors, typically on roofs. provide performance, while

At AS Contrera, we configure Roof top units to satisfy the specific needs of each building. Here are some of the advantages of installing roof top units:

  • As they are installed outdoors, roof top units save valuable interior space
  • Rooftop units can be easily connected to the existing duct system
  • As they are placed on the roof, roof top units are discreet and aesthetically more pleasing than units inside the buildings or on the exterior walls
  • Reduced noise pollution as compared to other solutions, mostly because of their location on the roof
  • Roof-top units can be configured with the right HVAC components, like variable speed blowers, – heating and cooling elements, humidifiers, filters, heat recovery elements and more
  • Roof top units are a good long term investment – efficient to operate, will recover initial costs quickly.
  • Roof top units are flexible to update and easy to service

Contact AS Contrera Commercial HVAC today to find out more about roof top units. We have the right people, experience and products to deliver the right roof top unit, at the right price!

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