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Custom Design & Installation Make-up Air Units – Michigan

Providing a comfortable temperature and atmosphere inside large buildings like offices, retail stores, industrial spaces, etc., almost always requires professional air handlers, in addition to the HVAC units. The role of the air handlers is to filter, condition and circulate the air. Large air handlers that condition outside air (as opposed to recirculating it) are called makeup air units (MAU).

Makeup Air Unit


Industrial Space Heaters provide an energy efficient way to heat large buildings and direct gas-fired make-up air units offer a cost effective way to provide fresh, tempered make-up air (MUA) to replace building exhaust in all types of commercial and industrial applications. We install some of the best brands of industrial makeup air units like Cambridge gas-fired make-up air units, Sterling Indoor Gas-Fired Make-Up Air equipment and Reznor heating & cooling makeup air systems.

Cambridge® direct gas-fired Heaters

Cambridge® direct gas-fired Heaters

Being the best at saving energy with lower operating costs and improved air quality makes Cambridge direct gas-fired heater equipment hard to beat. Cambridge was the first to pioneer the concept of using direct gas-fired heaters for industrial space heating applications over 45 years ago and today the Cambridge Burner, combined with Blow-Thru® technology outperforms and provides higher BTU/CFM ratio and lower operating costs. It is also Pre-qualified for EPA Federal tax deductions when used in eligible buildings.

Reznor Make-Up Air Unit

Reznor Make-Up Air Unit

Reznor heating and cooling makeup air systems provide peace of mind on the cooling side as well as dehumidification and ventilation. Reznor Heating – Cooling Makeup Air systems offer a unique approach to replacement air conditioning applications: Outside Air Dehumidification in hotel & motel Corridor air conditioning, Restaurant & Bar replacement air to feed exhaust fans and entrance losses, Restaurant Kitchens replacement air for exhaust hoods, Medical Facility replacement air for waiting rooms, surgery centers, & corridors.

Sterling Make Up Air Unit

Sterling Make Up Air Unit

Sterling Direct Fired Gas Heating System adds warm, fresh and clean air to your work environment for greater comfort and productivity and you can add evaporative cooling modules for year – round performance.

And at A.S.Contrera we service all other brands of makeup air units as well as maintaining make-up air units from all manufacturers.

What are the components of a MakeUp Air Unit?

As MakeUp Air systems are designed to serve the precise needs of the building, they could include a Direct Fired Gas Heating System adding warm, fresh and clean air to your work environment for greater comfort and productivity. Add evaporative cooling modules for year round performance and a variety of components, like variable speed blowers, heating and cooling elements, humidifiers, heat recovery elements and more. When selecting one particular type of make up air system, one needs to consider the size of the building, other heating and cooling systems installed, the capacity and need of the exhaust system, ventilation needs, etc. At AS Contrera, we start with high quality components and design the makeup air system that best fits your space and needs. With features such as zoning capabilities, high efficiency and low operating costs, our make up units deliver superior performance, recover initial costs quickly and improve indoor air quality wether you are in need of warehouse heating or building cooling.

Why install a Make-Up Air System?

  • MakeUp Air helps avoid negative pressure – as the exhaust system removes air from inside the building, unless that air is replaced, the pressure inside will be lower than the outside
  • Make-Up Air helps reduces drafts and cold air infiltration – because of low pressure inside, the air tends to enter through open doors and windows, and every crack.
  • Make-up Air reduces temperature fluctuations – by reducing drafts, the temperature will be more constant throughout.
  • Make-up air systems dramatically improve the efficiency of the exhaust system and of the air cooling and heating systems
  • MakeUp Air systems are economical, efficient, flexible and easy to service.

Contact AS Contrera Industrial and Commercial Make-up Air Service today to find out more about our makeup air systems. We have the right people, experience and products to deliver the right make-up air system for cooling, ventilation and heating, at the right price! We’ll be happy to provide you with references from current and past commercial HVAC customers that had Makeup air units serviced or installed by us.