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When it comes to heating large industrial or commercial spaces, like warehouses, manufacturing plans, storerooms, body shops, loading docks, etc., the most effective and efficient system is infrared heating, also referred to as radiant heating or Infrared Gas Tube Heating.

Similar to the sun, infrared heating systems work by producing radiant energy (by burning of methane or propane), that, once absorbed by on object is transformed into heat. Thus, gas infrared heaters produce an optimal ambient temperature the natural way, by warming up floors, equipment, people, just like the sun.

Tube Heater Design

Infrared heating systems have many benefits:

  • energy efficient – generally over 90% efficiency
  • IR tube heaters are cost efficient
  • as infrared heaters can be used to heat up precisely the area you need (as opposed to forced air, that distributed in the entire space), they can increase comfort while reducing costs.
  • low maintenance
  • a tube heater is long lasting
  • environmentally friendly
  • IR Heat provides increased comfort
  • useful in areas that can’t be served by traditional heating equipment, like entryways, or areas open to the outside.

Extensively used in industrial settings, infrared heating systems are similar to radiant floor heating systems.
Infra-red gas heaters heat up large spaces by producing infrared energy that is absorbed by the floor, which in turn radiates it to its surroundings.

Heating with an infrared tube heater
Heating without a tube heater
At AS Contrera we plan and install high quality infrared heating systems from top manufacturers, like:

  • Infrared tube heaters from Solaronics : Two stage Infrared Tube Heaters designed for maximum efficiency, can save up to 75% in energy costs.
  • High intensity, RE-VEBER-Ray gas fired infra-red heaters from Detroit Radiant: Used to heat up areas with high air infiltration and for spot heating applications, feature exclusive RE-VEBER-Ray ceramic burners for maximum conversion to infra-red radiation.
  • High intensity heaters from Superior radiant: ideal infrared radiant heaters for spaces such as stadiums, train service, warehousing, manufacturing and more.
  • Infrared Radiant Gas Tube Heaters from Space-Ray: designed for maximum radiant output, uniform tube temperature and greater safety.
  • Gas-Fired, continuous infrared systems from Roberts Gordon: Corayvac series of vacuum operated, burners in series are ideal for low clearance spaces.

To find out more about infrared radiant heating commercial and industrial applications please contact us today. A wide choice of products from top manufacturers and extensive experience designing and installing infrared radiant heating systems makes us one of the top companies in Michigan for infrared heating commercial applications.

To find out more about infrared radiant heating and Tube Heater services for commercial and industrial applications please contact us today.

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