Sheet Metal

HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication – Michigan

A.S. Contrera sheet metal fabrication facility is one of the best equipped in the state to handle custom sheet metal work to your exact specifications. From complex ventilation systems, to welded steel and aluminum for fan and duct supports, we have the team and the equipment to successfully design and build sheet metal for your custom project, large or small.

When it comes to industrial and commercial buildings, manufactured products just won’t cut it. Our products are designed especially for your building, to maximize efficiency, use of space and comfort. Coupled with our HVAC capabilities, our sheet metal fabrication shop allows us to design, manufacture and install state of the art heating and cooling systems and complex ventilation systems. Roof top equipment mounts, ductwork and support beams are cut, sheered, bent, drilled, welded for easy installation, architectural appeal, reduced noise levels, no leakage and optimized air flow.

With more than 30 years experience, A.S. Contrera has an excellent reputation for providing commercial and institutional clients with superior design services, materials and craftsmanship. Properly designed, well executed, and professionally installed, the metal ventilation and HVAC systems we produce will ensure cost effective comfort for years to come.

Moreover, our customer service is second to none!

We have an extensive portfolio of sheet metal customers, including retail outlets, commercial strip malls, restaurants, churches, schools, industrial buildings, offices and institutions in the greater Detroit Metro area and Southeast Michigan – Oakland, Wayne & Macomb counties.

Contact us today for a free HVAC Sheet Metal estimate. You’ll be glad you did.