“After we received a few heating bills, we did not believe how much money we saved and how warm the building is. We RECOMMEND everyone to go with Cambridge units and AS Contrera for their heating uses.”
Vladimir Sokovic – Extreme Expedite INC
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“We are happy and our team mates are safer from the large reduction in carbon monoxide levels that are at or below 2.0 ppm. We have turned off all our unit heaters and the system has kept our building at a comfortable temperature during this cold winter.”
Eric Retting – Firestone Building Products Company
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“We purchased the Cambridge heater in March of 2013, we have been impressed and completely satisfied with this purchase. We have utilized AS Contrera over the past few years and have found them to be very professional and have always had outstanding service. We would highly recommend AS Contrera for your up and coming purchase.”
Greg Karavidas – Magna Interiors, Operations Manager
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“AS Contrera sheet metal contractor is a quality contractor and has been performing design building work with us for over 20 years. Their workmanship and professionalism is second to none. AS Contrera worked on a recent project for us, called “Oakland, LLC”. The full mechanical system design was installed in a timely manner, including two (2) Cambridge direct fire heating systems that are presently heating a 150,000 square foot building, over 30 ft. high, and is giving even temperature and comfort from floor to ceiling. These Cambridge systems perform an adequate heating distribution throughout the entire plant on a 24-hour day operation.”
Dale Belsley – The Summit Company
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